Data Protection and Legal Statement


Please read carefully the terms of using the Website and do not open any page if you don’t accept the undermentioned conditions. By entering any page of the Website, you agree to accept the terms and conditions described below.

The informations, contents, conditions, definitions and descriptions related to the website can be changed. All the informations are solely for guidance. The Owner makes efforts to update the informations continuously but could not be responsible for the occurent deficiency, inaccuracy and clerical errors of informations. Using the informations of website is at the user’s own risk and responsibility.

The Owner is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability and completeness of the Website’s content including the applied softwares and related services (for example: education) and for their direct or indirect damages.

The theoratical and practical analyses, comments, presentations on the website are solely informative. They should not be qualified as call to buy or sell any commercial papers or investment means. The use of the Website or the advices on the Website is solely at Your risk and responsibility. The Owner does not bear any responsibility – especially liability for damages – of the website’s content.

The Owner does not control the opinions appearing on the Website or on related community sites so the Owner does not bear any responsibility of these opinions. So far as the Owner becomes aware of that any opinion or comment tresspasses the rights of third party or the laws of legal force, the Owner immediately removes the controversial content and demands reimbursement from the placer of the content. The one who places any contents is solely responsible for them.


All contents on the Website including articles, opinions, materials, etc. are the intellectual property of the Owner and should not be used either online or offline without the Owner’s permission. You are allowed to save certain parts of the Website on your harddisk or to print them but neither in this case you are not entitled to further use, propagation, photocopy, borrowing, storing in database, offering for download, putting into trading circulation of the content and any copies from the website. You are not entitled to remove the link of this Data Protection and Legal Statement from the saved Website. In case of breach of these terms the Owner may demand to abandon the aggrievement and to reimburse the damage.

Our marketing partners are allowed to refer to all pages of the Website in order to build their clientele. We do not bear any responsibility of the partners’ own advertising methods. In case of breaching the online codex of ethics the concerned partner can be removed from the system.
In case of certain contents you are allowd to provoke the attention of third party electronically (by e-mail). You are allowed to do this by correct (twice) naming of the source.

In case of placing a link or hyperlink of the Website (or any part of it) on your own site or on other sites, you are allowed to do this only with the aim of work in partnership.

In particular cases the Owner permits to place certain links and dinamic contents on other websites.

The Owner is entitled to remove the link referring to Website immediately in case of trespassing the rules of linking and is entitled to demand reimbursement of damage.


Certain parts of the Website can be visited free and without giving any personal data. To access definite parts of the Website, registration is required. In the process of registration the Owner asks You to give such informations that are personal data. Certain data are required to be given, others are optional. The Owner as data manager do not disclose your personal information to third parties, except when required by the law or the authorities.
The Owner excludes all liabilities in connection with using its services and the informations disclosed on internet.


The precondition of participating in Courses is to order and pay in a package. – At the same time, the acceptance of this legal statement is fulfilled.

Besides the elements of classic exchange studies the courses contain the Tutor’s own opinions, experiences and intellectual products. In connection with these intellectual contents the same regulations are applied as to the usage of the website’s contents. The Tutors give their best of knowledge in order to the success of attendants but all the content, techniques and methods used on courses has solely to be applied at the attendant‘s own risk.

The Tutor excludes all liabilities in connection with the courses.
(Of course, the exclusion of liability does not grade the content of courses.)

Going through the courses does not guarantee the success of trading.


The Owner reserves all rights related to the Website, the Courses, the Indicators, the Robots and other contents and excludes all liabilities. The Owner, Tutor cannot be proceeded against in connection with the Website and the Courses.


In the event Owner changes this document, the revised Data Protection and Legal Statement will properly be posted to the Website.