We created a system of career and commission, which can provide increasing income for all our partners, AUTOMATICALLY!

Without empty phrases, we created a career system which demolishes the wall between builders of business and automatically generated earning by its ease and accessibility.
Exclusive topic, huge market.
The strong ground of career building is given by how much in demand and trendy it is. If the method of references works fluently, the incomes can be properly developed.

Although FOREX, stock exchange and exclusive investments are flourishing nowadays, even so we are still in the initiative period. Our system provides such a ground that is much in demand on Internet. Our partners can work on a market where client are within easy reach. And what is more! Thanks to the unique and accessible system of GoldWayFOREX, the range of those who are interested can be extended since the smallest package can be afforded by anyone.

A FOREX investment system which allows investing from 50 USD and generates yields,means a uniquely seductive offer! By creating our investment system we were intent on making those advantages accessible widely, which has been possible for only the propertied up to now. In point of the accessibility of service and results we can tell that this system of business and investment has nocompetition!

We set up a system of commissions and investment portfolio on a significant theme, which makes our offer by far the best.

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Transparent system? That’s the ground of success.

In most cases the process of career building is combined with a complicated system and it discourages the possible parners
and clients. Our intention was to develop a clear-out principal of working.

We worked up packages ready for our investors so their reference is easy and almost goes without saying. This kind of build-up appears in our career system.

We offer an opportunity of 3-level network building and we give commission both forone transaction and monthly per levels. Emphasizedly, our commission system ensures earning for those who need money immediately and for those who aim at long-range regular income. Such an income, that increases continuously and automatically. How?

The career system of GoldWayFOREX provides share in yield per month after every successful trans for the referring people. Yields are credited on our clients’account at the end of each month, so their invested amount, which is the base of crediting shares, increase from month to month.

The base of sharing commission can be increased from month to month automatically so that successful tradings may generate continuously growing incomes. Take the advantages of GoldWayFOREX career system!

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System of requirements: The hardest point?

The weakness of business opportunities is always the system of requirements that terheli partners and is necessary to claim commissions. The GoldWay career system uniquely generates money even by the requirements and by the prescriptions of activity.

In GoldWay system, it is necessary to buy at least one BRONZE investment package to become activated. It means that by buying an investment package priced 10.000HUF, each of our partners will be entitled to commission until their status of investment is active.

So our system can be accessible for anyone but of course, we propose to place a larger amount of investment to reach higher yield. The investment generates yields in each month and our partners also get money through their activity!

Don’t you think that an activity and a single investment of 50 USD are worth to achieve in order to build your business and generate yields and commissions monthly?

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What makes our offer unique?

  1. Clear-out career system which is understandable and easily usable for anyone.
  2. Prompt and regular incomes after successful transactions in each month.
  3. 3-level structure of the network and the possibility of international team-building.
  4. Real increasing passive incomes thanks to the commission system.
  5. Activity developed to be easily profitableKönnyen,commission for years by investing once an amount of 50 USD.
  6. Central motivating system, central tool-system and online surface.
  7. Continuously traceable, real-time balance of incomes, automated sytem of generating yield.
  8. Competition free business.

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Our business offer can integrate with other network businesses since these financial and investing activities are the ground of prosperity. Our investment system supports to acquire the necessary financial knowledge while our bonus system provides incomes and the investment portfolio generates yields from investing only 50 USD.

We aim at making our business to be such a milestone on the market of investments and network-building that establishes financial independence. All you need is a registration, buying a BRONZE investment package and starting references! Registration and taking the advantage of GoldWay’s yield and income generating system!


Registration and taking the advantage of GoldWay’s yield and income generating system!